A successful office move requires strategic planning, meticulous organization and focused execution. We do a lot of work for governments, universities, hospitals and offices in the Greater Hamilton Area. 

“The Moving Professionals” Pro Moves is accustomed to relocating extremely delicate and complex, medical, IT, and research equipment on a regular basis for hospitals, laboratories, research centres, universities and offices. If Hamilton Health Sciences trusts Pro Moves with sensitive life-saving equipment, so can you! 

Commercial Moves of up to 250 Offices: Pro Move’s office relocation specialists can handle all of your moving requirements including; office furniture installations; office systems reconfiguration and complete infrastructure migration, so that your organization will enjoy a seamless transition into the new workplace. Factors such as staff size, office systems reconfiguration, as well as building and elevator hours of operation, will impact your move. Minimal downtime is usually a critical factor, so if necessary our commercial moving professionals will work throughout the night so that you’re ready for business as soon as possible. Call us for a free consultation and quote. 

Request for Proposal (RFP): When it’s time for your organization to solicit bids for moving projects of any size, Pro Moves will provide you with a relevant, detailed and competitive proposal. 

Quality Control Certificate provides unbiased validation to organizations that the mover handling their IT equipment, furniture, and confidential files, has been vetted by a neutral third party whose sole purpose is to screen all types of services providers, including movers. Clients such as The City of Hamilton, McMaster University; Hamilton Health Sciences only deal with quality control certified vendors such as Pro Moves.