Rent Plastic Moving Bins/Boxes in Hamilton and Burlington Rent our commercial-grade plastic moving bins, instead of buying corrugated boxes for packing your items. Save money, time, and the environment. Weekly rental rates are $2/bin with discounts available for longer term rentals or larger orders, so please give us a call and we would be happy to talk to you about your needs.

10 Reasons to Rent Plastic Moving Bins/Totes/Boxes

  1. Plastic moving bins/boxes/totes are hassle-free.
  2. No taping nor assembly required.
  3. Renting plastic moving bins cost less than buying corrugated.
  4. We drop off/pick up our moving boxes/bins at your convenience.
  5. Moving bins/boxes/totes are more robust and safer in transit.
  6. Larger! Moving bin dimensions: 24″ L x 18″ W x 14″ H
  7. Our moving bins were designed to stack securely.
  8. Plastic moving bins/boxes are much easier to handle and load.
  9. Our eco-friendly moving bins are made from recycled plastic.
  10. Less work. Disposal preparation is eliminated.

Pro Moves will drop off and pick-up your moving bins at a time and place that’s convenient for you. The bins stack into each other when they’re empty, so the footprint of twenty bins would be the same length and width of just one, which means that they’ll fit somewhere out of the way. You’ll also get free “easy-peel” labels which are colour coded so that you can easily identify moving bins contents, as well as its exact destination.

Our moving bins are commercial-grade, which means that they’re tough so they can handle substantially more weight than corrugated boxes which can collapse or buckle when stacked. Once the moving bins are filled and the lids are secured with cable ties, they are very easy to carry by our professional movers because they’re manufactured with built-in handles, which makes them easier to grab and move. When the bins are stacked on our trucks, they’re much safer than stacked corrugated boxes because they’re designed to fit on top of each other without slipping, which means that your belongings are much safer in transit!