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Business and Home Moving Services

An example of the type of house we can move.

Business Moving Services

Moving a business requires strategic planning and trusting a professional business moving company like Pro Moves.

We are quality control certified which means that Pro Moves gets certified quarterly by a third party for sufficient insurance coverage, WSIB compliance, on-going safety and skills training and credit worthiness. Remember – the moving industry in Canada is unregulated so it’s very important to choose wisely.

Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University and The City of Hamilton have been using Pro Moves for over 15 years which should provide you with the reassurance that Pro Moves is one of the best Hamilton moving companies you can find.

An example of the type of house we can move.

Home Moving Services

Having a moving company move the contents of your home is an extremely personal experience which requires a high level of trust. Get referrals, from friends or family and look for a local Hamilton moving company with a lot of experience.

Pro Moves has had the same ownership for 35 years. Our clients include Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University and The City of Hamilton which means that we have passed their strict testing and verification processes.

We can move the contents of your house, condominium or apartment anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe region and even help pack and unpack your belongings and disassemble and reassemble your beds.

An example of the type of house we can move.

Junk Removal for Business or Home

Use  our junk removal service for that spring cleaning project or if you need to declutter before your big move into a new office space or home.

The first option when Pro Moves removes unwanted items from your premises is to have them donated if possible. The second option is to have your junk recycled, with the last option being the landfill which we all agree should be avoided at all costs.

Pro Moves also offers muscle for whatever your project happens to be. Need to rearrange an office or a home? Redecorating? We can move furniture out of the way for that new paint or flooring job and then put it all back when you’re done.

What Next?

  • Get estimates from three movers.
  • Beware of super cheap quotes – they are usually an indication of poor quality.
  • Trust your gut to pick your mover. Trying to save $30/hour is only $240 for a full day. Remember; ‘strangers’ are moving your valued possessions. Play it safe!
  • Start packing. Don’t rush.
  • Pack a room at a time, label boxes on two sides (not on top).
  • Use quality boxes and supplies.
  • Purge items you haven’t used in a year.
  • Notify relevant parties of your new address.
  • Schedule well in advance.
  • Only use movers who request deposits.
  • Confirm charges such as; truck, fuel, kilometer, stair & shuttle and extra pickups. Ensure sufficient insurance coverage, WSIB compliance and discuss payment options.

Personalized Business and Home Moving Services

Office reconfigurations. Decluttering. Preparing for new carpet or paint? Pro Moves can help you with all kinds of creative solutions when it comes to personalizing our business and home moving services to meet your needs.

Business and Home Moving Services

Our Offer

Quality Control Certified

 An annual certification process qualifies Pro Moves to work for Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster and the City of Hamilton.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees. Just professional business and home moving services for 35 years and counting.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our friendly uniformed movers will treat you and your property with care and respect.

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