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Odd Jobs & Junk Removal Services

Junk removal services

Painting Your Home

If you’re painting a single room or your entire home, we can help you move furniture out of the way, into another room or the garage and even help you purge some of your unwanted items and either have them donated, recycled or brought to the dump.

Junk removal services

New Carpets

Installing new carpets or any type of flooring is a great opportunity to purge or rearrange furniture.

Pro Moves can help with any one of these scenarios, so give us a ping and we can provide you with the muscle you need to get the job done right.

We can even take away your old flooring and any other junk you might have in the basement or garage.


Junk removal services

Ready to do some good for those less fortunate? Call us to bring your unwanted items and furniture to the charity of your choice and if they cannot accept your items we will recycle whatever we can or use the dump as a last resort.

Let’s do our part to save the planet and leave younger generations with less of a mess.

What Next?

  • Get estimates from three movers.
  • Beware of super cheap quotes – they are usually an indication of poor quality.
  • Trust your gut to pick your mover. Trying to save $30/hour is only $240 for a full day. Remember; ‘strangers’ are in your home. Play it safe!
  • Clearly label all items you would like to move within your home, donate, recycle or dump.
  • Consider the time it will take the movers to make storage space within your property if you’re planning on temporarily storing furniture.
  • Schedule well in advance.
  • Only use movers who request deposits.
  • Confirm charges such as; truck, fuel, kilometer, stair & shuttle and extra dropoffs. Ensure sufficient insurance coverage, WSIB compliance and discuss payment options.

Personalized Business and Home Moving Services

Office reconfigurations. Decluttering. Preparing for new carpet or paint? Pro Moves can help you with all kinds of creative solutions when it comes to personalizing our business and home moving services to meet your needs.

Business and Home Moving Services

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